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Karl Strobl 

is Head of Advisory at Ashima Fexserv and a professional investor with nearly two decades of experience. He also serves on various committees of local, Maltese financial institutions such as fund managers, banks, and the stock exchange. He also lectures at the University of Malta.

Prior to coming to Malta, he served as Global Head of Equity Trading, structured funds, and retirement solutions at Deutsche Bank’s Asset Management Division, a firm with EUR 0.6 trillion of client assets.

He also worked at a large global investment bank, and as a lecturer in theoretical particle physics. Karl, a native of Austria, has lived and worked in Austria, the US, the UK, Greece and Malta, and holds a PhD in applied mathematics and theoretical physics from Cambridge University.

NickNicholas Zahra

is a portfolio manager and member of the investment committee for Bastion Wealth Ltd.  An expert in investment strategy, he also has substantial experience managing ventures in property, hotels and the leasing industry.

He has worked in the Alpine Group for more than twenty years, and has been a board member since 2003 with the remit to advise the directors on macro economic themes and trends. Nicholas, a native of Malta, is a Chartered Financial Analyst.