About Ashima Fexserv

Ashima Fexserv is a trade name of Fexserv Investment Services Ltd.

Fexserv Investment Services was set up in the year 2000 by its sister company Fexserv Financial Services, whose services include payments and remittances services, foreign exchange merchants, and money transfers under the Western Union brand. Fexserv Investment Services was created to provide its customers with the highest quality independent financial advice by engaging experts with significant international experience. Fexserv Investment Services is authorized by the Malta Financial Services Authority to provide investment advice and nominee services. Fexserv Investment Services is there to give investors access to investments, upon demand, as well as help identify those products and providers internationally who are most suitable to each investor’s individual circumstances. Fexserv Investment Services is part of the Bastion Holdings group of companies.

Bastion Holdings Ltd. is a holding company with interests in a number of complementary international financial services companies. While Bastion Holdings itself is owned by the Zahra family in Malta, group companies often take the form of joint ventures with, or strategic interests in, other established international operators. Bastion Holdings group companies have partnerships with NTT (Japan), SGG Fund Services (Canada), BFI Capital (Switzerland), and ITC Independent Trustee Company (Ireland).

Bastion Wealth Limited is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager authorized by the Malta Financial Services Authority to conduct fund management. It is jointly-owned by BFI Capital Group, a Swiss asset management firm, and Bastion Holdgings Ltd. Both parent companies have considerable experience and footprint in international financial services, including wealth management, fund management, administration, and payment services. Their combined operations cover  wide geographical area that includes the US, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and Malta.