At Ashima Fexserv, we are professional investors, in a personal capacity, and as advisors to our clients who co-invest with us.

Ashima Fexserv’s investment philosphy is simple:

  1. We only offer products in which we ourselves are substantially invested
  2. We start with your life, your goals, and your means
  3. We help you balance your life
  4. We help you not to miss chances which don’t come back
  5. We take life’s lessons and translate them into investments
  6. We help you set goals, stay patient, keep calm, and stay on target
  7. While seeking rewards, our main focus is on managing risk
  8. Holistic risk and exposure management gives you the right exposure for the right seasons

So you don’t lose out by not being invested at all and missing chances, and you don’t lose out by taking excessive risks from time to time.

To Find out more about Ashima Fexserv’s philosophy, click here

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Because Investing is a Journey


What matters in investing is that you arrive safely at your destination. Investing is a journey, not a race.

Are you happy with sharp ups and downs? Do you know what you might (or should) do when things get bumpy?

It is the most important question facing investors today, yet too many investment options out there focus on returns without offering you any real choice around the risks you take with your money. They leave you vulnerable to poorly controlled risks. Then, when something that no-one expected happens and the going gets tough, traditional products and their mandate might be forced to maintain a high exposure to fickle investor sentiment — and to market jitters.

There have been five major crises in the last twenty years: Russia, East Asia, the bursting of the internet bubble, and the global financial crisis followed by a sovereign debt crisis in many European countries.

Why take this risk? We can tailor your portfolio to the level of risk you are able and willing to bear — at all times.

The road may have its ups and downs, but we are here to make your investment journey as comfortable as you want it to be, or as racy as you can bear.

As it is with many things in life, so it is with investments: Ultimately, success depends not on getting there fast, but on your ability to stay the course when it gets hard to keep going. We help you be prepared for the worst the markets can throw at you, while keeping your long-term goals in sight.

Learn more about Ashima Fexserv’s Early Warning System to protect your savings.

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Because Investing is a Craft



Some say investing is a science.
Some say it is art.
We say it is a craft.

It requires discipline and experience, and the right team to learn from and do it with. Since antiquity, crafts were passed on from people in the trade. Not at the universities, and not in a private study, but in the workshops and guild halls. It’s best to learn from practitioners, and do it with practitioners. From people who are and have been professional investors.

Our chief advisor, who is there for you, was part of, and global head of equity trading for, a team managing EUR 0.6 trillion of investments for Deutsche Bank clients.

Would you rather learn in the classroom? Would you take a coach who isn’t keeping fit himself?

It is simple: Investing is best done with other investors.

To learn more about Ashima Fexserv’s principals and their investment expertise, follow this link.

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Because You are Stronger in a Team


You need to be protected, be vigilant, and have someone watch over you.

Some of our most important decisions in life have to do with how we invest: our time, our money, our affection, and our passions.

You need to be on the look-out, and zoom in on what is worth doing.

And all of us are better off when we don’t have to make decisions, choices, and analyses on our own.

Ashima Fexserv:

  • The team that keeps you on track.
  • The team that invests with you.
  • The team that has experience on its side
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Because We Are Investors


The best doctor is the one who knows how to be a good patient.

The best coach is someone who keeps fit himself.

The best advisor is someone who only offers you investments that they themselves use all the time.

We listen to other experts, and we never stop building upon our existing experience.

We are constantly on the look-out for what we can learn, and reading the signs of the times, so you — and we — can be prepared and don’t have to expect the unexpected. And you can rest in reliance that our own time, money, and experience all stay invested alongside your own investments.

Our investment tools are designed to look ahead and see when the market gets bumpy, but also to spot when opportunities are around which aren’t likely to come back soon. In the long run, what creates winning investors is knowing when to take a chance, and knowing how not to take too many chances.

Because of our high level of international management experience, we have access to a global network of professionals which is unparalleled in Malta. We benefit from that in our own investments, and in the advice we can give you, suited to your own situation.

Ashima Fexserv Team: Learn More about Us Here


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Ashima Fexserv is the trade name of Fexserv Investment Services Ltd. in Malta.




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